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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SunFX Spray-On Tanning (My New Best Friend!)

With this wand, I thee wed. No, seriously. I'm a redhead (ok, strawberry blonde, thank you), and I've recently discovered the art of SunFX spray-on tanning (you know, where someone else does it for you!) and it has magically changed my outlook on life. I no longer sulk because I am pale, and I no longer weep because I have to get the dreaded self tanning lotion out and sit around the house naked all afternoon on top of a bunch of towels (you know you've done it).

What's even better? Mobile tanning. Let me explain to you. SunFX agreed to comp me a tan, so I could review it here. So, one weekend, a local rep arrived in her car, walked in with a bag and out popped a tent-like contraption that she then set up in my living room (I'm talking right in front of the baby swing - in the middle of the living room!). She used the wand shown above to evenly spray the perfect amount of tan I needed (you tell them what level), from my feet to my face (you don't even have to hold your breath!). Of course, you can wear as little or as much as you like during the tan, but you def can't be too modest (unlike the private booths you can use elsewhere). Needless to say, I was super-impressed with how natural my tan looked (just in time for Easter), and how painless and easy it was, most of all. (By the way, it's $50 per tan for a typical "house call.") I made sure I wore dark, loose clothing afterwards and didn't shower for six hours, and my tan lasted for a good week!

Last week, weeks after my spray-on tan had faded, I started feeling way pale again and tried one of the tons of products SunFX offers. It's called White Out, and it's the coolest sunless tanning spray ev-er. I sprayed it on me inside the shower (no running water, duh), waited a few minutes and then got dressed. It was super-easy to use (although not like having someone else do it above) and left me pretty tan. Just remember you can use more than you think you can because I think I was so scared of turning orange, I didn't use enough. Also, feel free to pat the areas where you spray excess (just do it right away!) and to have someone else help with your back. I recommend White Out for use when you can't shell out 50 bucks every week for the other kind. Both methods, however, work wonders for us redheads. Wink, wink. -xoxo
[Photos Courtesy SunFX]


  1. Is this available in NYC???

  2. I'm not sure, but you can check the Web site above.


  3. Which level is best for fair skin.. I tried Normal #2 and it turned orange?

  4. Really? The first time I asked for the lightest option they had, so that might be what you want to do. The rest of the times I've had it done, I've asked for a medium shade and loved it just as much. It's never really looked orange on me, but I am sure everyone's skin reacts differently. Sort of like how perfumes react on different skin. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

  5. if this product is available in jersey, i am ready to try it.


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