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Friday, April 2, 2010

Tori Spelling's Love for Heels

Happy Good Friday, everyone! Hope it's been good for you. Sentimental for me because one year ago on this day, I found out I was expecting baby C. - a GREAT Friday! Today, I thought I would repost my Q&A (from just over one year ago - so remember dates are old!) with Tori Spelling, a fellow (chic!) mom. Have a great weekend!
- Air kisses xoxo

Tori spelling on her favorite fashion trends and love for heels

IHH: I read where your Halloween costumes taught you how to wear heels at an early age. How old were you when you first started wearing heels, and do you remember your first pair?
TS: I started officially wearing low heels probably when I was 16. I remember my mom letting me get a pair of GUESS heels which were very "in" at the time.

IHH: Does this mean you prefer heels or flats?
TS: There's nothing like a beautiful pair of heels. Each pair is like a work of art. I used to say some people collect art... [why not] collect heels. But (she emphasizes!), now being a mom of two, I'm all about chic yet comfortable flats!

IHH: Your fashion obsessions of the moment are…
TS: Harem pants, wedges, short boots and belts.

IHH: How would you describe your everyday style, and how has it changed since Liam and Stella? When can we expect your next book on motherhood?
TS: My everyday style is chic comfortability. I love fashion, but having children I have to be able to function. My new book MOMMYWOOD comes out April 14. It's a sequel to sTori Telling and are stories of my life as a new mom trying to function in Hollywood.

IHH: Why did you decide to start your own jewelry line – have you always been an accessories girl?

TS: I've always loved jewelry. And, I simply created my line because I had amazing outfits and visions of the jewelry I'd wear with them, but couldn't find the pieces. So I created my own line and then wanted to make it accessible for all my fans. [Note: The collection ranges from $19.95 for a pair of Ethnic Coin with Green Bead Earrings to $69.95 for a Vintage Spray Collar Necklace. Completely affordable!]

IHH: What’s your secret to staying so fit after having two kids?
TS: My secret to staying fit isn't a secret. It's staying fit the family way. I make it all about doing physical activity with my husband and kids and then it becomes enjoyable and keeps us together. I'd hate to take an hour away from my kids to go to the gym. We also started cooking healthy together as a family. I even make my own baby food!

IHH: I have to ask. How does it feel to return to your old zip code – 90210?
TS: It feels great to be back on 90210. I can't lie - I was nervous my first day! But the new cast made me feel so welcome. And, it's great to be working with Jennie again. Plus, Donna is a fashion designer so that's like life imitating art or in this case art imitating life!

P.S. Visit Hsn.com, keyword ‘Tori Spelling,’ for Tori’s exclusive HSN collection.

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