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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rachel Zoe Hearts Nation LTD

Any fans of celeb stylist Rachel Zoe out there? Her book, Style A to Zoe is practically my fashion bible (I actually own the paperback and the hardback - ya know, just in case)! I know there are lots of naysayers, but I've always been a fan of Rachel's boho-chic style, dating back to the days when she styled Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. She has the look I want to mimic so badly (style-wise that is, I def think she's a little on the too-skinny side), but I can never pull it off quite like she does. It's so effortless! I was beyond excited to see she has taken a liking to one of my fav brands on the scene right now - Nation LTD. In just one week, she's rocked TWO tees from the line - the "No Name" ex-boyfriend tee in white ($95) (leaving Milk Studios in NY, no less) and the "Mississippi" snakeskin burnout tee in white ($114) (while walking in Soho). So chic - so effortless. Just add a fringe vest - and go!

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  1. oooo i LOVE this top!! It comes in black, grey and white!! I got mine at ShopModerne.com for only $104. Plus they always have deals/promos going on so it's awesome! I LOVE to pair my black burnout top with leggings and boots =]

    I love Rachel Zoe...don't know how I feel about that vest. Only SHE could pull it off!


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