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Monday, May 3, 2010

SLIM by Cynthia Rowley

Ok, biiiig fan of shapewear here, hello. Don't be embarrassed if you wear it, please. It's time to embrace cute shapewear, chicettes. Own it, work it. I've, of course, worn every Spanx on the shelf (who hasn't, right?), plus several other brands out there (you must give me a break, I am four months postpartum!). And while many times you just want plain function, let me say that maybe other times you want style? That's where the SLIM by Cynthia Rowley collection comes in this fall. We're pretty much fans of anything Cynthia Rowley does here at IHH, so it didn't surprise when we received notice of this incredibly chic bodywear line that doubles as both shapewear and lingerie. Only problem? We want now.

P.S. When searching for shapewear to suck in your bulging belly, it's important to wear something that hits above the stomach and reaches all the way to the bustline (see bottom photo). You certainly don't want an indention to accentuate your problem area even more - oy. (Lingerie for the curvier can be even harder to find, but www.onestopplus.co.uk is a site we've stumbled upon recently!)

[Photos Courtesy Cynthia Rowley]

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