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Friday, May 21, 2010

WEI Jujube Age Control Serum

My mother-in-law has been staying with us this week, and quite frequently now that baby C. is here. Swoon. So, to get on her good side, I always give her a product to "test" out when she visits. She takes it home with her, and then reports back on her next visit. This time, she wouldn't stop raving about the WEI Jujube Age Control Serum ($78) I gave her (that Space NK - the best beauty destination ev-er - gave me).

I wasn't at all trying to tell her she was old, or even starting to look old, but I knew she would appreciate the product much more than my perky 20-something self (still enjoying it while I can, folks). The entire WEI line is grounded in Chinese herbal medicine based on balance and beauty, and this particular serum is meant to energize and revitalize. The MIL told me she had used almost the entire bottle over the last several weeks (she insisted upon showing me the bottle to prove it) and reported that she used daily on her face and neck religiously - and she claimed she really and truly had an "uplifting" experience (ahem, pun intended). And I told her she was absolutely glowing! Hey, the more brownie points for me, the better, right?

P.S. Get it at select Space NK stores, Space NK at select Bloomingdale's and online at SpaceNK.com.

[Photo Courtesy SpaceNK.com]

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