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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Whew! Ok, chicsters...thanks for your incredible patience while I soaked up the sun and lounged around in the sand all week. I'm back now and in full blogging force - I've missed all of you!! And to all of you guys out there reading (ok, tell your boyfriends and husbands), Happy Father's Day!! Dads rock, right? This is D.'s very first Father's Day, so of course I had to let him watch golf all day and take it easy (um, besides the four-hour car drive with a baby today - oops!).

Know what I got him? There are these reallllly cool super-soft tees ($44) by a company called Give and Take. They're that comfy, worn-in soft, ya know? They're vintage-inspired and each line supports a different charity and gives back to the community. The tees pictured here are for the outdoorsy guy in your life. D.'s is a really pretty cobalt blue that says "Saratoga Heart Walk" (the style is called Little Dave - each shirt is named after someone founder Shea Mullen knows). He's already in love with it, and the fact that I told him proceeds go to charity (and Ben Affleck is in love with the line), just melted his butter. (Well, the part about charity anyway. I'm actually the Affleck fan of the fam. Wink, wink.)

P.S. Scoop one up at retailers like Barneys, Saks or Kitson. Available in women's styles, too!
[Photos Courtesy Give and Take]

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