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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: The Coolest Drying Rack Ev-er

Omigosh, I received the coolest samples from modern baby gear company, Boon, last week. Baby C. is already in love with his Frog Pod that stores all of his Boon bath toys (which he will actually get to play with in just a couple more months - believe me, he has been eyeing that frog full of toys for weeks now!). So, when I saw how cool - and handy - all of the eating products were, I wasn't too surprised. Baby c. is still a couple of weeks away from starting his "big boy" solids (carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.), so I'll have a full report on the dishes, utensils and more very soon. But, for now? I could NOT resist posting on my new best friend. The Grass Drying Rack ($19.99).

You wouldn't believe how much stuff we have accumulated the past six months (well, if you're a mom, ya can). Bottles, bottle nipples, bottle inserts (we use Dr. Brown to control the air flow), and now spoons! Besides being super-cute, everything fits on here so easily and there is a tray that fits underneath to catch all of the water. We just set it next to the sink, so we have easy access. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe, so when it comes time to clean, that's easy, too. Ahh....Boon, you make mama's life much easier and I thank you. -xoxo

P.S. As a new mom, I must brag about baby C.'s recent sleep development. He sleeps ALL night in his crib now. Rest assured, if you're a new mom, this did not happen overnight (and we are crossing our fingers it continues to happen). But, it is a true blessing for me now as I love my shut-eye. Huge props to baby C. on this one. :)


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  2. I discovered your blog from Citiscapes. I am from Arkansas too and have been enjoying your postings. So much that I awarded you a (very fitting) blog award.


    Just thought I would let you know I appreciate your fashion POV. :)

  3. Thanks, Erin! What an honor! I am so glad you are a fan of I Heart Heels, and I hope you tell all of your friends. From one chicster to another, xoxo


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