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Friday, July 16, 2010

Gotta Love Coupons

Shopping online - I love it. Nothing thrills me more than to hit the "checkout" button after filling my shopping cart with goodies, and then to get that e-mail that says something has shipped (I track my items like a mad woman, too!).

Since I've become a mom, I've seriously become the coupon queen. Embarrassingly enough, I'm the chick sorting through my wallet at the counter at Target for that diaper coupon I got in the mail the other day. So I'm super-excited to spill on this new site I've discovered for all things coupons called Coupon Mountain. Guess what they have?? They have Shopbop coupons. Sephora coupons and so, so many more (um, 5,000 more). I've died and gone to heaven. Coupon heaven. Le sigh.

[Photo Credit: ShopBop.com]

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