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Monday, July 5, 2010

Green Your Beauty Routine

Within the past month or so, I've been testing out a few "green" products, including shampoo, conditioner and body wash (all provided via samples of the companies). Having a six-month-old son has made me pay much more attention to the products I slather all over my skin and hair. It's really quite appalling what goes into some of them. If you really wanna know how yours is rated (some of my previous shampoos were ranked very hazardous!), check this site that ranks tons of products from 1-10 and lists many of the chemicals in the ingredients. Here are the products I've been using and loving, and they're all ranked a 3 or less!

Stars: ***
Rating in the "green" database: 2
Why I Heart It? It really helped control my bit of eczema (it's the oatmeal formula) on my upper arms (thanks, pregnancy!). It's really creamy, gentle and smells wonderful (lavender, ylang-ylang and chamomile). Oh, and it's affordable!
What I Don't Really Heart? It's rated 3 because it contains an ingredient with nitrosamines, which are actually found in about 1 in every 10 cosmetics on the counter, but could be a health hazard. There's lots of research out there, so see what you think.
Kiss My Face Big Body Shampoo with Organic Botanicals ($7.99)

Stars: ***
Rating in the "green" database: 3 (which means moderate hazard)
Why I Heart It? It's way inexpensive and sold at Target (a go-to store for me), and it got the job done just as well as a super-expensive product. Full hair that feels clean - with lots of organic good stuff - even aloe vera!
What I Don't Really Heart? See my answer above on the Aveeno body wash. Also, the scent is pretty intense.

Stars: *****
Rating in the "green" database: 2
Why I Heart It? It's concentrated! You can use much less product, which means it lasts longer. It literally feels good on the scalp - comprised of sage, chamomile, St. John's wort and eucalyptus. It gives my hair body! Enough said. Beauty editors rave about PHYTO again and again.
What I Don't Really Heart? I don't love the smell of eucalyptus, but can handle it if it makes my hair look good.

Hamadi Ginger Soymilk Hair Wash ($27)

Stars: ***
Rating in the "green" database: 3 (which means moderate hazard)
Why I Heart It? The essential oils - omg. They're ginger, sweet orange and rosewood, and they smell divine! The soymilk locks in moisture and makes my hair feel really silky.
What I Don't Really Heart? There are two sizes, so I advise springing for the larger 8 oz. bottle over the 4 oz. It's not large enough for me and my daily washes!

Stars: ****
Rating in the "green" database: 0
Why I Heart It? First of all, it's rated a 0 (can't get any better than that), which means there is absolutely nothing harmful in it (vegan/paraben free/etc.). It smells like spearmint. It works great for tosseled beach hair (I used it all week on vacay).
What I Don't Really Heart? Weird, but I don't love the squeaky-clean feeling this gives my hair. I would rather it feel soft after washing. I was really surprised at how well it cleaned my hair (because it's a foam rather than a cream), but it didn't provide the volume my flat hair needs so much.

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