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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Behind the Seams with Project Runway's Sarah Trost

Project Runway fans out
there? Yep, I thought so. Who isn't, right? I've been a big fan since the beginning (heck, former contestant Korto's from my hometown!), hooked on everything that comes out of Tim Gunn's mouth and the back-and-forth banter from all of the contestants (love it when they get sassy!). Of course, I was thrilled when they contacted me to interview Sarah Trost, one of the contestants on Season 8, airing right now. She's talented, quirky and I just like her. While she couldn't give me any spoilers, she did reveal lots of fun stuff - enjoy!

I Heart Heels: Before you were a competitor on the show, did you watch Project Runway pretty often?
Sarah Trost:
I watched a couple of seasons, but I don't own a TV. [I mostly use my monitor] to watch on the Internet.

IHH: What were you doing before the show?

I'm a costume designer for films, and I work with my brother, who is a director. (psst...she's the third generation in her family in films!)

IHH: After your audition, did you think you had a
[Laughs] No, not at all. They hated me; they absolutely hated me. I was in there about 10 to 15 minutes, and they had nothing good to say. You never know what they're thinking.

IHH: Who do you get along with most on the show?

Andy is the nicest human being I've ever met in life. Peach. And A.J. is hilarious.

IHH: Is it hard living with your competitors?
ST: It's rough, but we honestly don't see each other much. We sleep, wake up and leave. There are no days off; we're working the entire time.

IHH: As a Cali girl, what do you think of New York?
It's a really iconic fashion center. I was raised in Cali in a small town so it's a change with all of the buildings and people everywhere. It has a great energy.

IHH: What design direction do you hope to take once the show is over?

I definitely want to continue to stick with designing films, and I want to start a menswear line that's action-inspired. [When designing, I'm inspired by] iconic film
actors like Marlon Brando, rather than fashion brands.

IHH: How interested are you in designing shoes?

Footwear is a completely different beast, so I would have to relearn that craft. [If I did], it would be menswear, never ready-to-wear for women.

IHH: Loved the jumper you designed on the first episode! Do you design your pieces with your own taste in mind?
ST: Yes, I design pieces I would wear and my close friends would wear.

IHH: Why do you think you would make the best Project Runway winner?

ST: I have a different perspective on the industry than most othe
r people on the show.

Catch Sarah on Project Runway on Lifetime Thursdays 8 p.m. central. - xoxo

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