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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A few of my new things...

I know it's not Whiny Wednesday yet, but on this lazy Sunday afternoon (ha...not!), I want to tell you a couple of my new-mom must-haves. I must spill. I say "not" because baby C. is right smack in the middle of teething - ouch. He already has two bottom teeth (he's 8 1/2 months), and now? He's getting his two front teeth - help a mama out. No sleep (shaking head), and that means the eye cream/moisturizer/skincare (everything for goodness sake, help!) is coming out like never before. As part of the LBD Experiment, I received a new jar of Hard Night Good Morning moisturizer ($69) and it's heaven on Earth. I love how it's aloe-based and packed with
natural ingredients (they sell it at our Whole Foods here!). It firms skin, hydrates and feels so good. It was even named 2008 Best in Beauty by one of my favorites, DailyCandy.

What else am I loving? Why,
Spanx, of course. Even though I've lost all of my pregnancy weight now (ok, I have two pounds more I want to shave off!), I still fall back on shapewear. Why? Because even if you're at your goal weight, per se, shapewear tucks everything in the right spots and smoothes your skin so that your clothes look exceptional. Last time I wore my Spanx the saleslady asked me if I was a size smaller than I was (ok, I know, she is in sales). My favorite piece lately, no doubt, is the Super Higher Power ($38) from the new In-Power line. That high waist cinch is soooo important because you don't want that bulge where the shaper meets your skin, and it trims your legs at the same time. I wear it in nude because it goes with everything! (This was another gift from the LBD Experiment that I couldn't be more thankful for, indeed.)

One more thing before I go grab another teething ring. Heelys. I don't ever wear tennis shoes, unless it's the gym - I just can't; they're not my style. But, have you seen the skate shoes by Heelys? I've seen so many kids wearing these things, it's nuts! I was gifted the white Street Lo style ($40) below, and thought I would try them. Nope, not with my outfit, but for exercise! Hey, don't judge. We have great sidewalks in our neighborhood and I've tried these out a few times. It's sort of like that new hula hoop class at the gym - it's something new and actually pretty fun. Now, if I can just go catch a quick nap...

P.S. Show your own LBD look and win your OWN gift bag (full of these things, plus your own Ann Taylor LBD!) by entering here. Good luck!

[Photo Credits: TotalBeauty.com; Spanx.com; Heelys.com]

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