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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How I Wore My Heels...On the Town

I admit, I'm already pining for fall. So, I couldn't resist wearing my new black booties out the other night. So. ready. for. fall. And since I'm getting ready to jet-set to NY in a couple of weeks for Fashion Week, I found it appropriate to gather all of my black gear in celebration. Plus, I hit up TJ Maxx this weekend for some amazing finds from brands I hadn't heard of, but frankly didn't care!

So, here's how I wore my heels:
Dolman-sleeved studded blouse by Isabella Rodriquez (this was just $10 (!) at TJ Maxx)
Black skirt by Banana Republic (I've had this for years, probably since high school)
Gold and black chandelier earrings (another great find from my fav shop, Masons)
Black quilted clutch by Hobo (I won this from one of my fav sites, RackedLA!)
Tahitian Jelly Bean watch by Michele (gifted from The LBD Experiment)
Black Booties by Kelsi Daggar (a steal for just $50 at TJ's, originally $125)

P.S. I tried the socks-with-booties-trend, and forget it. It turned my ankles into cankles - not pretty.


I'm shoe shopping right now. But leave me a message here and I'll get back to you!