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Monday, August 23, 2010

Q&A with Beth Shak, Poker and Shoe Extraordinaire

We must admit, we aren't much for poker playing ourselves. But a woman who plays poker and has a true love for heels? We just can't get over it! Meet Beth Shak, professional poker player and lover of all things Louboutin.

I Heart Heels: First, I have to know how you got started playing poker.
Beth Shak: I taught myself how to play on Full Tilt Poker with play money. Once I was confident, I went to real money, and then live tournaments.

IHH: How does fashion play into your poker game - do you wear designer duds while playing and do you have a lucky outfit?
BS: Fashion is just a part of my life. I wear cute jeans. I'm always looking for a new, hot brand. Lisa Kline from L.A. always sends me boxes of cute "poker clothes." But, I don't have a lucky outfit.

IHH: Describe your sense of style.
BS: My sense of style a lot of times is my mood. I can be trendy or conservative - my only consistency is hot shoes.

IHH: Do you have a favorite pair of heels?
BS: My favorite pair of heels are 100 percent my custom Walter Steiger pink spade shoes..sooo insane!

IHH: Where do you like to shop in NY?
BS: OMG - I love shopping in NYC at Christian Louboutin on Horatio Street and Olive & Bettes. Plus, I love Nanette Lepore dresses, Herve Leger and Topshop. My list could go on forever.

IHH: Is it true you are in the process of developing a hoodie line as well as a shoe line? Tell us all you can, especially about the shoes!
BS: I'm developing a hoodie and t-shirt line for men and women. It should be completed in four weeks! It's going to be available at chickdowntown.com. I'm not designing a shoe line right now, but I definitely wouldn't rule it out in the future.

IHH: Why is philanthropy important to you?
BS: Philanthropy is very important to me. I'm very fortunate and want to give back my time and money to people less fortunate than myself. The Palliative Care Program at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is near and dear to me.

IHH: Has poker allowed you to travel a lot? If so, what's your favorite city and do you get a chance to shop while you're there?
BS: I travel all over the world. It's amazing. I'm going to South Africa in October, and I'm so excited. The shopping actually is the best in Las Vegas, if not, Paris.

IHH: Do you ever feel intimidated playing poker in a male-dominant environment and does it ever influence what you wear?
BS: I used to feel intimidated, but I don't care anymore. The best hand is winning - male or female.

IHH: Do you have any upcoming tournaments?

BS: I'm leaving to film Late Night Poker in London on Sept. 5 at the Borgata, then The WSOP circuit in South Africa.

[Photo Credit: PokerAfterDark]

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