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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Feeding 101 Continued

I'm telling you, it's allll about eating right now. Did I tell you baby C. squeals and gets excited when I open the refrigerator. Pretty hilarious. We've had these Boon products for awhile now (they were samples), but since he's practically eating gourmet meals now - cereal, veggies, fruit, meat (loves his turkey now!), milk - these have become quite the go-tos (and not that baby C. cares one bit, but aren't they pretty!?).

My favorite is the Stay-Put Divided Plate ($5.99) because it has separate slots for all of his food and the edgeless design was made so little ones like baby C. can't lift the plate off the table (hey, he's not a complete angel!). We also use the Catch Bowl shown below ($6.99). I'm sure the spill-catcher will just keep coming in handy the older he gets (and the messier!), but right now I'm loving the suction to, once again, keep his little hands from dragging onto the floor.

I've started letting baby C. hold onto the Benders ($5.99), which are basically bendable spoons and forks that will adapt to his little grip. He can't feed himself yet, but I guarantee ya it won't be long! So, right now they're fun to play with at the table.

P.S. We also have the Interlocking Plate and Bowl Set ($12.99), and it's amazing for serving his morning cereal alongside other things like sweet potatoes (yep, he eats these in the morning, too!). Bonus: Everything is BPA-free!!

[Photos Courtesy Boon]

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