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Monday, September 20, 2010

Dannon Activia: The Fashion Week Edition

So, Fashion Week's over - dunzo, gone, outta my head (well, not completely. Still dreaming of that frilly skirt at DKNY.) Ok, so you wanna know what Fashion Week is realllllly like? It's walking a city mile every morning (way earlier than you would like to get out of bed after you spent all night at the afterparty the night before), cramming extra Foot Petals in your purse because the balls of your feet are killing you and grabbing a stranger's sandwich because you're about to faint from starvation (I did this last week, don't judge).

It's so insanely busy and crazy, there really isn't much time to eat. Seriously. But, not eating is one of the worst things you can do if you're trying to stay healthy. So, while I couldn't carry my Dannon Activia with me since it has to be refrigerated, I did try to grab one every morning for breakfast. (My morning ritual as I strolled along Central Park amongst the nannies with strollers.) Empty stomachs can't concentrate on the runway - enough said. Eating breakfast, too, is one of the most important rules of eating healthy (and even losing weight!). So, I felt like I did something right during the week by eating my Activia. (do I have to mention the 1 a.m. pizza??)

And after a week in the city, my jeggings still thank you, Activia.

P.S. By "sponsored post," I mean I actually made a few bucks writing this particular post. It in no way, shape or form discredits my true love for Dannon Activia (that's just not possible...).

[Photo Courtesy Dannon]

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