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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pampering at ION Studio

Here's me outside "the tents," on my second day of Mercedes -Benz Fashion Week (it was a no-heels day, please bear with me). Only a couple of hours later my hair was transformed by stylist Sarajane Lynch at ION Studio in Soho. She gave me a nice, fresh trim (including my bangs, which needed it soooo bad), and blow-dryed it to where it was paper-thin on my head (let me tell you, the best feeling in the world!). And can I say James gave me quite possibly the best head massage during my wash, which included me sitting in the coolest (largest!) wooden chair for which he had to "rock" me back to the sink. All of the products used were by Davines, including something called the Momo Moisturizing Anti-Frizz Protective Fluid (~$15-20), and I fell in love with this stuff! My hair doesn't have a ton of frizz, per se, but it can get sorta fluffy in the humidity, especially around here. Ugh. Sarajane said this product is so light, and that's exactly what my hair texture needs (aka I have a lot of hair and don't need product build-up).

ION Studio is Manhattan's first green salon, built by using recycled and eco-friendly materials and powered by wind. Cool, right? I love this concept, and if I lived in Manhattan myself, would definitely be back! Might just have to visit again next season.

Here's a photo below of my new (and complimentary) cut and blowout right after it was done, and then another a couple of hours later (um, plus new faux fur vest). What do you think? -xoxo

P.S. Leonardo of ION Studio actually did the hair for the Timo Weiland presentation this morning. He's styled countless stars, too, including those infamous Tresor ads with Kate Winslet.

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  1. You looked stunning, despite the fact that you were not wearing heels.



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