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Friday, September 17, 2010

We Heart Accessories: Lia Sophia, Leah & Bliss Suites

In the final hours of my trip to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I just had to stop by the Lia Sophia Lounge at the Empire Hotel and check out the new La Belle Rose collection from Nylon Editor Dani Stahl and Elena Kiam. While I was disappointed I didn't see Dani or any celebs while there (I had to go pretty early so I could catch my flight), my heart melted over all of the jewels. There were three tables set up with jewels - one of them is just below. Amazing necklaces, dazzling bracelets and earrings and the coolest rings ever.
Of course, I wanted everything, but this Twilight bracelet ($130; the two in the center) stole my heart completely, and I couldn't turn back (I'm such a sucker for stretch bracelets, and rose gold doesn't exactly go with my skin tone). The instant I tried it on my arm, I knew I couldn't put the glowing hematite and gold stunner back on the table. Swoon. I also picked up the Stargazer earrings ($34) - light Colorado topaz, smoked topaz and black diamond-cute crystals. Trust me, they're just as gorgeous on, and the perfect compliment to heels.
I went gaga over these new rings (~$130) from the new collection, several made from bullet blanks. How completely unique and chic at the same time, no? I decided against though because honestly I barely wear rings at all.
I thought this necklace was beyond words, so...
The same morning, I stopped by the Leah & Bliss suite to check out the super-cute handbags and accessories (they even have laptop cases!). I hear celebs are going absolutely crazy over these beaded bags, and even Denise Richards stopped by later in the day. (of course, I missed her!)

For lounging with your bag, perhaps...
Every great suite has goodies to nibble on like these.
And here's me posing with one of the bags. What do you think? Should I buy one??

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