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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Easiest Bedtime Routine Ever!

Lately, I'm all about an easy beauty routine. (Hey, baby C. is just now 10 months old, and it's not getting an easier, that's for sure!) One thing I never can let myself do is go to bed with make-up on my face. It just feels so dirty. So, I've been using the samples I received of the skynICELAND Glacial Cleansing Cloths ($15 for 30 single-use cloths), and my bedtime routine is def easier. I remove my eye make-up, brush my teeth and swipe one of these suckers across my face (I like to use my Clarisonic in the morning shower), and I'm good to go!

Let me tell you, I've used other cleansing cloths in the past, but these are so amazing. You don't need water (as with most of them), and these actually foam. So freaking cool. It feels like you should rinse off your face afterwards, but I just give it a quick shot in front of the fan when I'm done and my face feels renewed (with the nicest floral scent, to boot). No more make-up and no more breakouts (it contains salicylic acid), just clean, smooth skin. I can handle that, can't you?

P.S. Get them at Sephora, Beauty.com, Skinstore, Ricky's NYC and skynICELAND.com.

[Photo Courtesy Skyn Iceland]

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