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Monday, October 4, 2010

JewelMint.com Launches Today!

Exciting news! Kate Bosworth and her fab stylist Cher Coulter (remember our Q&A long ago?) - a new way to shop for jewelry online with their new site, JewelMint.com. It's $30 a month (not bad, right?), and you get to pick a piece every month to add to your collection. You pick your piece from your own personalized showroom, which is matched to your style. Love it.

“Cher and I could not be more excited about JewelMint! It is a natural extension of our friendship, our creative relationship, and our love of fashion.” -- Kate Bosworth

Then, what's cool is you get to share with other users on Facebook and Twitter instantly, ask their opinions, etc. It's just as if you were shopping along with your best friends, but alone (I like to shop alone, but love to ask opinions later, so this might just be perfect for me.).

“Kate and I have always wanted to have more of a voice in fashion, and jewelry was a place where we found gaps in choice at an affordable price point. We hope that people visiting the site will learn about the process of design and styling and enjoy our journey.” -- Cher Coulter

I absolutely love the framed ring below - so perfect with a blazer and jeans. And the Cleopatra earrings are one of those "where did you get those?" pieces. The site's a hidden secret right now, but I bet it will be a hot spot pretty soon.

[Photos Courtesy JewelMint.com]


  1. I really like the idea and the website. This shop spot for jewelry does make it fun to shop online. Wish you the best!

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  2. Not a fan. I have to sign up to browse, I can't look for new jewelry if I don't like what was chosen for me and the shipping isn't free. At least Shoedazzle and Send the Trend have free membership. Send the Trend allows you to choose as many items as you want and if you don't like what was chosen for you, you can find another piece! Totally not limiting. And Christian Siriano, the face of their products, is a lot more knowledgeable in the realm of fashion and style than Kate Bosworth...ew.


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