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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Hey Now, You're an All Star

What's black, white and bubblegum pink all over? Your kid's next pair of Converse All Stars, of course! I must admit I've been eyeing the Converse rack for myself for the past several months - wouldn't they be cute with jeans (as a break from your everyday heels wardrobe, natch)? And then I saw the new All Star Animals collection and I was squealing while rocking baby C. So freaking cute! The PR team was nice enough to let us try out a couple of pairs ($35 each), and I'm pretty sure baby C.'s fav is the "dog" (he has them all over his room and can point to them - aww). Although, my fav pair has to be the sheep - irresistibly soft and cuddly just like baby C.!

My good friend L. just found out yesterday she's having a GIRL, so she's going to go completely gaga when she sees these pink pig and cow shoes. (Right, L.?) They're so much fun! Pair them with your tiny tot's fav pair of denim, or even a little skirt for your little girl. They're sure to be a conversation piece anywhere you go.

P.S. Make sure you order down a size because they run so much larger than any other baby shoe we've tried. (and we've tried a few...grin)

[Photos Courtesy Nordstrom.com]

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  1. You're right! These are adorable. I went to see "Life as we Know it" last night and the little baby in that movie was wearing Converse too. So cute!


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