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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Warm & Fuzzy

It's baby C.'s first Halloween this weekend - so exciting! We're meeting the neighborhood tots for pizza, and then showing him around the 'hood in his super-cute little giraffe costume (here's the adorable hat!). But, check out these darling 3D Monster Booties ($35.95) by Robeez - perfect for this weekend (or whenever). I've been looking for a pair of softer shoes for baby C. ever since he kept kicking off his little tennis shoes (ahem, throwing a huge fit) I bought him, and these are the ones! Lucky for baby C. (and me!), Robeez sent us this pair to try, and we're absolutely loving them. They're much easier to get on his tiny feet and, more importantly, stay on. The ankle is elasticized!

They're flexible, but they're also non-slip (so important on our mostly hardwood-floored home)! And while I realize most babies don't even need shoes yet, these are recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association, so need to worry about harming those little tootsies. The only thing you should be scared of are those big, googley eyes and fang teeth - yikes. ;)

P.S. Baby C.'s pretty much cruising around furniture now with only ONE arm - look out! And he's a child genius; he babbled "I love you" twice this weekend. Swoon.

[Photo Courtesy Robeez]


  1. O
    how freaking adorable.



  2. i wish they made them in my size :(


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