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Friday, November 26, 2010

Customize Your Own Denim at Levi's NYC [Meatpacking]

By Lauren Brenner, Guest Blogger
A few weeks ago I attended the opening of the Levi's store in the Meatpacking District. The store was cute with a few pieces here and there caught my eye, but there was one thing that peaked my curiosity enough to share with you all.

Their customizable denim bar!
Aside from San Francisco, this is the only denim bar in-store at a Levi's. Anyone can come to this Levi's with jeans of any brand and have them altered, tapered, re-dyed, designed - pretty much anything you could think of for your denim! As you can see in the board above, not only are alterations made, but you can design your own custom jeans as well. These jeans would be pretty pricey but once you have the pattern made, Levi's will keep it on record forever, so you can have another pair made at any time. Jeans, tops, jackets, wallets, belts, even leather jackets can be made at this store all from your own designs and specific measurements.

Luckily for me, I can find jeans relatively easily, but this option is pretty great for those with extra cash and denim determination.

I loved the off-the-shoulder fair isle, the flannel button-down and the black floppy hat.

I love the denim-on-wool cape look. This is such a chic look that I think the Man Repeller would be proud of!
This is an adorable store with classic finds for winter. But the real reason to stop in would definitely be for the customizable tailor! Great concept in an easily accessible form!
What do you think? Would you design your own denim?
[Photo Credit: Lauren Brenner]


  1. two things.
    1. I NEED to get there
    2. TIME OUT ... you were in NYC?! We need to meet up!!



  2. i am so sad that this store is available only in new york!oh i wish i could go there :(


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