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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How I Wore My Heels...in the Fall

I'm head over heels for fall. Totally IN LOVE. It seems we rarely have an actual "fall" down south, but this year it's been a pretty lovely one. I could dance around in the leaves like such a little girl all day (much better than raking them, right?). And so there's nothing special about where I wore my heels this week. I'm just embracing this beautiful fall weather!

Here's how I wore my heels:
*Black belted sweatshirt tunic by Mike & Chris (I found this several years ago at Barneys in Dallas...a fashion lover's great getaway down south!)
*Skinny cords by Pilcro And The Letterpress from Anthropologie (I bought these in this gray and also brown because they were on sale and fit like a glove. When you love something, buy more than one!)
*Black heels by Nine West (No story behind these, just my go-to pair of basic black heels. Everyone needs a pair!)
*Black/gold chandelier earrings and jewellery
from one of my fav local stores, Masons

P.S. I'm wearing a new shade of lip gloss meant for redheads recommended to me by Jill Kirsch. It is THE most fab shade of lip gloss I think I've ever worn and I can't thank Jill enough!



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