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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to Dress for Curvier Figures

Let's face it. Not everyone is sample sale size (usually no larger than a 6). But, that certainly doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. I'm such a believer in the tip that you should dress for your figure and not according to all the trends. Don't get me wrong, I love new trends because that's a lot of what I Heart Heels is about! But, you must always keep in mind your shape and dress according to it. I also hate it when someone says "I can't wear that" when they haven't tried it on yet. You would be amazed how different something can look off the hanger.

Don't be shy about fashion just because you're a so-called "plus size." (What is that anyway, right?) Embrace your curves and learn to accentuate your style. Here are a few style tips for curvier women:

- Keep it simple. Loud prints can be too bold and unflattering.
- Play with layers. A shorter jacket over a longer tank elongates the body and instantly slims.
- Jersey tunics like the one above (just $50 from SimplyBe.com!) skim the body and create a nice, fluid movement. (One piece rather than a skirt and top is also very flattering.)
- When in doubt, wear black. It's the universally flattering color of all time. Nothing can be "the new black." Nothing.

This post was provided by the size 10 to 28 clothing retailers simplybe.com. They stock a wide range of jackets, dresses and shoes.

[Photo Courtesy SimplyBe.com]

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