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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Ali Larter in Mama J by J Brand

When I learned I was pregnant, one of the first missions I was determined to complete was that of finding a pair of designer maternity jeans. It might sound silly to you to spend money on something you won't wear all the time, but having that one pair of GREAT jeans while you're pregnant can be a new wardrobe staple for your entire nine months. It's that one piece that makes you look good without even trying. Who doesn't want that, right?

Ali Larter rocked a pair of Mama J by J Brand (ok, LOVE that name!) jeans while hosting a fundraiser, Project Peanut Butter, at the Stella McCartney store. She wore the "Love Story" bell bottoms in Indigo ($195). It's so flattering, too, how she paired them with a simple tank (a pregnant lady's best friend) and a blazer. The blazer help elongate and slim, and so do the wide legs on the bell bottoms. I love how these jeans have a stretch panel on the sides so you can wear them all through pregnancy, and even after! (let's face it, you'll have to for a little while, chic mama...)

P.S. You can purchase the jeans here!

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