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Friday, December 3, 2010

Anthropologie Partners with Le Labo

Last night, Anthropologie hosted a fete to celebrate the launch of "By the Creators of Le Labo," the exclusive collection of fragrances, solid perfumes and candles (there are five total scents) created just for the store. (We're sobbing because we couldn't make it, but I'm pretty darn sure we'll be scoping this out in the store!)

The collection consists of Chant de Bois (a feminine wood), Belle Du Soir (a musky chypre), Orange Discrète (a clean citrus), Poudre D'Orient (an oriental blend) and Bouquet Blanc (a decadent floral).
"We saw this partnership with Anthropologie as an opportunity to share the idea of 'perfume as an art' with an extended audience who has the taste and refinement to understand what we do." -- Fabrice Penot, Le Labo
In typical Anthropologie (and Le Labo!) fashion, the bottles are uber-unique and high quality.

The prices are as follows:

Eau de parfum 50 ml $62
Solid perfume 4.5 g $28
Candle 12 oz $32

[Photos Courtesy Anthropologie]


  1. They look so nice, very refined, and i guess the scent is even better than design.

  2. look like perfect gifts!




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