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Monday, December 6, 2010

Gift Alert! Best Beauty FInds

While I do love my heels, I also love to indulge in a girl's other favorite things: beauty products. That includes perfume, shampoo, eye cream, nail polish, exfoliator - you name it, I love it all! So recently, I've been sampling out (yes, thank you PR girls for the samples!) a lot of holiday items so I can report back to you a few of my favorites. I've finally put together a list of them I want to share. And, trust me, this is by no means comprehensive (it's also a very random list, haha). It's hard for a girl to pick and choose!

1. Vera Wang Anniversary ($72/$92)

This is by far the best perfume I've tried in a LONG time. Although Vera created this scent with special occasions in mind, this is the most amazing "everyday scent" ever. I can actually wear it and not feel smothered by my own perfume (this happens to me a lot, folks). It's a floral bouquet (I'm just discovering how much of a "floral" scented person, I am, wow.) of gardenias, roses and cool dew drops (had to mention those - don't they sound cool?). It's sensuous, elegant and classic. Vera can't even mess up a fragrance - she's that good.

P.S. It's a much older (and subtle...loves it) scent compared to her Princess that I reviewed last year.

2. Lola Marc Jacobs Velvet Edition ($68)

Pretty sure I blogged about this last year because it's one of my go-to scents. And this year there's even a collectible limited-edition bottle - swoon. Of course, it's a floral bouquet scent (I'm realizing I gravitate towards those!), full of peonies, roses and geraniums (my Meme would've adored!). And Marc Jacobs gets the bottle design so RIGHT with a soft, velvety cap. Oh my - it's as chic as your wardrobe.

3. Soy Blended Candles from ULTA ($19.50)

I love to get festive with candles all through the holidays - yum. I discovered ULTA's new soy blended candles and I'm loving them. The holiday scents are: Silver Pine, Vanilla Creme and Pear & Pomegranate (my favorite - I'm just not a vanilla person). The large candle above burns for about 90 hours, and the soy ensures a consistent and even burn.

4. Philip B. African Shea Butter Gentle & Conditioning Shampoo ($8 for 2 oz.)

This has to be the lightest shampoo in the history of shampoos - really. And I love it. I hate it when shampoos weigh down my hair, but then again I hate it when they don't feel thick enough or work up a good lather. This one does both! It says it's for dry, parched hair, but mine is oily and it responded just fine during the past couple of weeks I've used this. It's such a great daily shampoo! I'm sorta hooked.

5. Lindsay Phillips Sanibel Cosmetic Case ($14)

Everyone needs a chic cosmetic bag, right? This one comes in pink and green (loving the green because it's not
too girly), and it's only $14. Lindsay makes the most amazing flip-flops, and it's so cool to see her expand her line into so many more things, like bags and such. I love the wipeable fabric for messy spills and it has plenty of pouches on the inside. Um, hello, and it's houndstooth.

6. RareMinerals The Miracle Skincare Collection ($65; $110 value)

You all know I'm a Bare Escentuals maniac, so it's no surprise this new skincare collection is on my list of holiday gifts. (I'm gifting it to my mother-in-law for super bonus points! Shhhh...) This is a limited-edition set that includes: facial cleanser, facial moisturizer, "skin revival" treatment and eye cream. The ActiveSoil Complex used claims to develop faster cell turnover and increased skin luminosity. It's meant to be a complete morning and night routine and will eventually reduce fine lines and make your skin brighter. Yep, the MIL shall thank me. Wink, wink.


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[Photos Courtesy Sephora; Bloomingdale's; ULTA; Philip B.; OneCoast.com; Sephora]


  1. I used to be one of those people whose skin was highly sensitive to the Rare minerals line. Now my skin is finally settling down after years of painful war with acne. i am down to using only one acne product out of the 5 that I used to use. Now I am using the Rare line. My skin is glowing and radiant and luminous. The fine lines that formed around my eyes are disappearing. I love this skin care line!


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