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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Baby C.'s FIRST Birthday!

Last week I gave baby C. an early birthday shout-out, and this week? Well, here's the party recap! If you're looking for a birthday party theme, I highly recommend the giraffe. It was so easy! I've pretty much bathed baby C. in the blue and brown color combo since birth, and yep! I'm still at it. (Smile.) The giraffe worked perfectly with this combo as I hung blue streamers everywhere and used blue cake toppers (even the C.'s on the mini cupcakes!). The brown, of course, was all in the cake (plus tablecloth) and baby C.'s fav thing of all - the ceramic giraffe I stole from the top shelf of our living room. Haha. I swear he is obsessed with that thing, and I must take him at least once a day to "pet" it. It also came in handy just as we started to sing "Happy Birthday" and he wanted to jump right out of his seat. Mr. Giraffe to the rescue!

And then he ate his first cupcake - his first sugar ever. Sigh. He seemed to think it was quite different, and was very neat with it. He didn't stick much of his fingers in it himself - booooo! And when he was finished with the "family paparazzi" - as my dad called it - he tore into all of his presents. My fav part of all was the last present from D. and me - his first Anywhere chair from Pottery Barn Kids. It has his name on it, and when we brought it out, he plopped right in it and started flapping his arms and giggling. The.cutest.thing.ever.

The End.

P.S. The kicks he wore at the party are some of the best "baby" shoes I've ever seen. They're the Weetire by Simple Shoes ($30). They're eco-friendly, washable and quite possible the most adorable little sneakers out there. Not to mention, they are the FIRST pair of shoes I've gotten him to walk in (clapping hands!). Enough said.

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  1. that looks AMAZING! wanna send a piece my way?!




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