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Monday, January 17, 2011

Andrea Linett of eBay Fashion Reveals Her Shopping Tips

Just how much do you heart eBay? Does your pulse race as you count down the seconds until "Congratulations!" pops up on your screen? Ok, I'll go ahead and raise my hand. I heart eBay and my pulse races. You can own up now, too. Wink. I was beyond honored this week to be able to interview the brand-new creative director of eBay Fashion, Andrea Linett (she's also the co-founder and former creative director of Lucky magazine - squeal!). If you can imagine loving the site any more, there are some exciting "fashion" things in the works for eBay and I know I can't wait to check it out myself. So, without further ado, here is what Andrea had to tell us!

I Heart Heels: What are you most excited about as creative director of eBay Fashion? Will you turn the "pages" into another Lucky magazine?
Andrea Linett: First of all, I’m excited because as an eBay fan, I can’t believe I actually get to be part of the team. I don’t think the world needs another Lucky magazine, but I will certainly create fun and engaging editorials and give eBay more of a voice. Actually, eBay already has a strong voice, it just needs to be heard!

IHH: I hear some pretty amazing designers will do collections with the site - specifically Derek Lam in the spring. Are there any more designers you can name right now, or can you elaborate on Derek's collaboration?
AL: We’re all very excited about the Derek Lam collaboration. He is designing several dresses that eBay shoppers will get to vote on themselves, and the winning designs will be produced [and exclusively sold on eBay.com]. It’s the ultimate interactive shopping experience! Look for more designers to get on board soon.

IHH: How do you personally like to shop eBay (do you shop for brands or simply downright cool finds?) - and do you have a "bidding" strategy? (It's such a thrill to get down to the final seconds...no?)

AL: I always have “a bee in my bonnet,” as my dad always put it. If I’m craving something, I search for it on eBay. I try to wait until the last minute so I don’t drive the price up.

IHH: I've read where you love jewelry, but mostly love to dress casual. Do you have many heels in your closet?
AL: I have a weakness for all kinds of jewelry – antique fine jewelry, modern pieces, costume, Native American. You name it, I’ve got it. I should probably open an eBay shop of my own! I’m most comfortable in jeans, so jewelry glamorizes things a bit. And a nice bag and good pair of boots never hurt, either! I wish I could wear heels, but I walk everywhere and I just can’t hack it. Having said that, I have a few pairs of heels for special occasions and some high heel boots for trips to L.A. and taxi situations.

IHH: Who are you trying to target with the soon-to-be-revamped eBay Fashion site?
AL: I would like to speak to the enthusiasts as well as women who just want to look cute. And hey, who doesn’t?

IHH: We interviewed stylist Annabel Tollman who consults with eBay Fashion (and we love!). Have you had a chance to work with her at your new job, or will you?
AL: Annabel is great - I interviewed her when I was at Lucky. She’s just so excited about what she does and she has such a fun sense of style. She’s a breath of fresh air among all the serious fashion types. I would love to collaborate with her in the future!

IHH: What are a few fashion items you've bought for yourself on eBay?
AL: How much time do you have? I have bags, concert tee shirts, a mine-cut diamond ring (as well as countless other kooky rings all from my friend Daniel’s shopping sprees on eBay), an amazing Hermes watch...and that’s just fashion! I have oil paintings, posters, candlesticks and the most amazing coffee table. I love buying my husband’s gifts on eBay, too.

IHH: The outfit drawings at the back of Lucky every month were a must-read for me every month. Your new Web site, I Want To Be Her, is just as genius. What inspires you, and how do you find your "real-world" subjects?

AL: Thank you! I literally see people in the street and clock what they’re wearing. Sometimes I make outfits up in my head - and then of course there are the real women my husband shoots. I love them because they share their shopping and beauty secrets.

IHH: Finally...How often do you shop per week - tell us the truth! :)
AL: I’m always shopping, which is not to say I’m always buying. But I have my eyes peeled for great stuff all the time.

[Photo Courtesy Andrea Linett]

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