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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ann Taylor Gives Us a Sneak Peek at Summer

By Tiffany Reo, Guest Blogger [24Kt Style]

Summer is upon us! Okay that was cruel, my apologies. However, if the Ann Taylor Spring/Summer preview could forecast how many weeks of winter are left like Punxsutawney Phil, the verdict would be that a new season is right around the corner. Imagine the blustery, frigid, air of a deep freeze in New York City. Temperatures so cold not one, but two, winter scarves are necessary. In the midst of said severe weather outlined by shades of grey was a preview so vibrant I felt like I had taken a mini vacation while on Manhattan's west side.

Ann Taylor hosted a preview for items that will hit stores May through July and the atmosphere was a pleasant ode to those months we long for. The space, The Glass House, located high in the sky overlooking the city's west side, was exquisite. It had every potential to be cold, lofty and distant, but with the presence of the warm collections on display, piles of exotic flowers and some melodic beats from south of the equator, I had been transported to a little slice of summer.

Not only was the event top notch - thank goodness the collections were too! Each piece was inspiring with powerful punches of color and signature silhouettes that Ann Taylor does best. The June items were a simple palette of crisp neutral tones of white and khaki. Textures like eyelet fabrics seriously made my heart flutter a bit, anticipating the days these styles will actually hit the streets!

A super-special thank you to Ann Taylor for gifting me this amazing coral statement necklace! I cannot wait to style it into my wardrobe that desperately needs a dose of this rich hue!

Get this, the debut of "Little Ann"is coming in May! Do we hear little squeals all around??

Even the decorations for the preview were gorgeous.

The theme of the day...we're ready for summer!

[Photo Credit: Tiffany Reo]

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