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Friday, January 21, 2011

I Heart Heels and Rebecca Minkoff - Please Vote!

So, I've had a Polyvore account for like FOREVER. Ok, to be honest, a whole year now. Up until now I had created ONE collage or "set" as it's called. This is my second ever, so please don't make fun of me! (FYI - Polyvore is the coolest thing since peep-toe booties) I'm creating this because (a) I like to try new "techie" things (b) I love being creative and (c) I realllllllllllly wanna go to the Rebecca Minkoff runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. That's why I'm asking your help in voting for my collage on Polyvore - this one - that I've created. It's for a chance to not only go to the show, but style the show. How absolutely amazing would that be!? After all, she does have a million pairs of breathtaking shoes in her new collections nowadays.

If you've been reading my tweets, you know I'm debating on Fashion Week this season. Of course, we'll have correspondents on the scene covering shows, but I just can't stand to be away myself! So, if I win this contest, what a perfect way to end my decision. Wink, wink.
I Heart Heels lovers please help me out, will ya? I can't thank you enough!

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  1. OMG!!! I'm on Polyvore too. I always post up my new stuff on my blog! I would love if you returned the favor and liked a few of my sets!



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