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Friday, January 21, 2011

Jessica Alba is L.A. Cool in Michael Stars

Who can resist a closet full of Michael Stars tees, right? I have about a gazillion because they're great closet staples (and they're one size fits all so I pretty much never have to try them on - hello, huge plus!). I'm super excited because nowadays Michael Stars is pulling out all the stops - they're no longer just basic tees, but a whole slew of trendy items - like a really sweet asymmetrical open vest ($148) that Jessica Alba's been wearing. I'm just dying over anything asymmetrical these days (it's so much more flattering!) and cozy cashmere gets me every time. If only I didn't have to wear sleeves this time of year. Sigh...Beverly Hills we need to plan a trip soon...

P.S. When browsing the site today, I also came across this lace dolman-sleeve top and I am in LOVE. Is this not the most beautiful blouse ever? Hurry! Hide my credit cards...


  1. omg her daughter is so big! i rarely see her in the media!!!



  2. Love the whole ensemble there, especially the flat sandals. x

    Sara http://laughlovesparkle.blogspot.com/


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