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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Signs Made Easy

Not to bore you with a non-fashion post, but I want to let you know I discovered the best "sign" shop around. No, really! I've been searching for some ways to promote I Heart Heels outside of handing out business cards and yada, yada. So, when I was contacted by BuildASign.com, based out of Austin, Texas (love working with anyone from the South, duh), I was beyond ecstatic to receive a few goodies to try out.

They made I Heart Heels the most amazing banner (you know, for our next and, ahem, first, trade show...), a few window clings (of which I can't wait to display in my car!) and several bumper stickers (which I proudly have on display on my refrigerator, and you will proooobably receive if you win something...wink, wink.). Is it wrong that I even handed some out at my friend L's baby shower. Hey, never miss a business opportunity - haha.

Anyway, basically their service was impeccable (so nice!), and I think I received all of the signs within just a few days (not kidding!). So, in a nutshell, I want you to know you should buy your next signs, magnets, banners, etc. from them. Now, back to my spring lookbooks...air kisses!

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