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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Shoes, Shoes and Shoes

If you saw my post on my new shearling wedges, you'll know I'm dyyyying over shearling this winter - so chic. So, naturally, when Polo Ralph Lauren sent me the Ranger High Shearling Boot (on sale for $69.99) for little C. I literally tripped in my heels. Precious! You can cuff them with a snap, or leave the flaps up for extra warmth. Of course, it wouldn't be Ralph Lauren without the pony embossed on the side, or the word "POLO" stamped at the heel. Again, I'm swooning. And while he won't be walking a mile in these (the soles are harder than most), they look absolutely adorable riding along in his stroller wherever we go (um, the mall?).

They also sent the Giles Corduroy Sneaker (on sale for $22.99) - yes, I said corduroy! If you noticed, I wore my cords in yesterday's post, too. Boy, does RL know this fam. I like to tuck in the laces, so you don't really have to worry abut tying them. There's a padded insole for added comfort. And, you know, sneakers are so "in" for the toddlers right now. (P.S. These soles are also harder, so just a warning that they might not be the best for those just starting to walk.)

A new brand I'm really loving is Livie & Luca. Check out the Brussels loafers ($45.50) below that they sent little C. What do you think? I love how different these are, and can't wait to put little C. in them for his next big event (aka showing him off to lots of family!). I'm all for any shoes with Velcro, as I think I've made clear before - so, so easy. And I love all of the details of this pair - from the detailed stitching to the super-fine suede and oblong shape. Can you say, coolest kid on the block?

[Photos Courtesy Ralph Lauren; Livie and Luca]

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