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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week F/W 2011: Malandrino

By Jason Patton, Guest Blogger and Fashion Week Correspondent

Eschewing Lincoln Center, a peek at the Malandrino Fall/Winter 2011 line required the fashionista to trek south to Hell's Kitchen and an amazing unconverted floorspace - a stone's throw from Times Square. If your grandmother burned her bra and the family never discovered Victoria's Secret since, you will fit right in wearing Malandrino's latest fashions.

The show featured 40 pedestaled models (many bespectacled) frequently using nearby pillars to keep their balance as Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford perused the line. Fishnets, "Noir" shorts, striped trousers, "Miele" eyelet tights and the "Reflections" skirt all made our hearts beat a little bit faster. Model Anastatsia charmed as "Little Purple Riding Hood" in the Viola Broadtail Blouson Capelette. And notably, along the main hallway, everyone's eyes gravitated towards the
"Noir Parisiennes" tank, cut lower than a Jamaican limbo dancer.

Gato Zamora of Maybelline completed the fresh-faced look on the models, using soft black eyeliner, purple eyeshadow and a sheer lip gloss.

"The look at Catherine Malandrino was fresh and natural, yet chic. A perfect complexion was key, but I also wanted to add a sophisticated touch of drama to the eyes. I never want people to notice make-up on a face - it's when they don't notice that I've done my job." -- Gato Zamora, Maybelline Make-up Artist





[Photo Credit: Jason Patton]

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