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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sponsored Post: Perfume Says I Love You

Of course, you know it's Valentine's Day next week (I've reminded you enough already, right?), so I thought I'd let you in a on a little secret. Shhhh...Perfume (or if you're French, Parfum, haha) is the perfect gift for a girl who already has plenty of heels in her closet (better yet, why not stick the perfume in a pair of heels??). My faaaaav perfume of all time is anything by Vera Wang, specifically her newest Anniversary. I've been spritzing it on like water - LOVE. But, really my counter in the bathroom is completely full of different fragrances because I love to alternate the scents I wear, depending on my mood. Plus, I can't resist a pretty glass bottle. I could stare at them on my counter all day...

I've been trying to think of what to get D. because he's the absolute hardest to figure out for V-Day. He has a whole counter full of cologne, too, thanks to me. Wink, wink. He doesn't have much aftershave, though, so I'm really thinking of going with Issey Miyake Aftershave. He has black hair, so he's constantly having to shave, bless his heart. He deserves something that smells good, too, right? Now, I'm praying he doesn't read this post before next week....

[Photo Courtesy The Perfume Superstore]

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