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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Tumble For Ya

UPDATE: In the midst of watching this Tumblr URL like CRAZY, we finally noticed the address we reallllllly wanted was "deleted" and now we're located at THIS Tumblr link...yay!!!!


Please follow along...heart you!!! xoxo

Ah! In the midst of crazy, crazy Fashion Week, I *must* let you know something immediately. In case you didn't already know (ahem, if you "like" us on Facebook, you should know), we're now on the hottest new platform - Tumblr. Ok, here it goes - squeal!!!!!

So I was told TWO years ago Tumblr is going to be the next big thing and it went in one peep-toe and out the other. I failed to sign up, and when I went to sign up our name was taken. Hence, our Web address (which I am now happy with, and which very much still works for us):


Please visit daily for the best in heel inspiration. There will be all kinds of fabulous shoes, and if you click the "submit" button you can even send over your own. Who knows, it might end up posted the next day! Feel free to click the "ask" button to ask us what's on your mind (should I wear slingbacks or wedges today?).

Ciao for now...see you on Tumblr! xoxo

P.S. Visit anytime by clicking the "Tumblr" button we added in the right sidebar.

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