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Saturday, March 19, 2011

La Mer "The Radiant Serum" Hydrates Skin Like Crazy

I cannot get hooked on this serum, I cannot get hooked on this serum. This is what I've been chanting for the past few weeks as I've slathered on the samples I received of La Mer's new The Radiant Serum. Why? Well, it's $250 for a 1 oz. bottle. Um, but guess what, chicettes? I'm hooked.

If you've ever used any La Mer products you know they are like pure butter - each drop that goes on the skin is amaaaaaazing. This product is no different. It has made my face (and neck!) feel renewed and fresh. Silky smooth and glowing. No, seriously. I feel like my make-up goes on so much better now because my skin is glowing from this serum. And that's the whole point of this serum because the skin is supposed to reflect light. My skin looks as though it has life now - clear, bright and, my gosh, awake! (well, unless I've been up all night with little C....does help, though, I must say) I use a few drops in the morning and a few drops at night (tiny drops...I wanna preserve this stuff!). Apparently, the more you use it, the more results you get. Darn, this serum.

P.S. I had previously never used a serum, and now I'm in love. It works so great with my oily skin...I never knew I needed it, but now I know I can't live without it!

[Photo Courtesy La Mer]


  1. OOooh - you're sooo lucky!!! I've been dying to try this... bet it's just as great as the rest of the line......

  2. Yes, you are so lucky....I have spent lots of money at Barbara Jean on this serum & the lotion! You know the inventor was covered in scars, and he found the kelp to invent this! The only other time my skin has looked as good was with Trish McEvoy's line, thanks to an impromptu makeover at Bendels...or was it Bergdorfs? One has a cafe that serves cocktails...


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