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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Leifsdottir Launches Shoe Collection

So, I'm bummed, bummed and bummed (triple-bummed?) we couldn't go see the debut of the brand-new Leifsdottir shoe collection at Bloomingdale's this week. In conjunction with the usual spring runway presentation (the label always has some amazing print dresses!), today and tomorrow, there is a live installation with artist Merijn Hos. Plus, Thursday is the big shopping event where if you purchase a pair of shoes (who wouldn't, right?), you get a free customized tote signed by him as well as a meet-and-greet with the label's designer Johanna Uurasjarvi. Ok, this post isn't making my jealousy any better. (Let me know if you go!)

To speak on the shoes, this spring collection is the first shoe collection for Leifsdottir. Labeled as "designer-level shoes at contemporary price points," (retail is $225-350) the designs are definitely modern in aesthetics (I actually chose a couple of the tamer styles here - these are my favs because I heart peep-toes and slingbacks so much). All of the shoes were influenced by Scandinavian furniture and design and wood detailing - nailed top lifts, stitched outsoles, split heels and multi-piece platforms. But, don't think comfort is sacrificed because they also have padded footbeds and full leather linings, among other "amenities." I know I can't wait to try these on my feet!

P.S. Get them at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's.

[Photos Courtesy Leifsdottir]


  1. You should add GORGEOUS to those reactions. I love these shoes. Looking forward to my first pair. And many more.

  2. gorgeous! Their clothes (and now their shoes!) make me want to spend money and look fabulous!


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