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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Marcia Patmos Delivers Everything Chic for Spring

Spring has sprung, chicettes and we are squeeeeealing with excitement! Especially, with the discovery of two super-cool new lines: Leroy & Perry (first four photos) and M. Patmos (last three photos). The designer is Marcia Patmos, formerly co-designer for Lutz & Patmos. M. Patmos is her solo line, and Leroy & Perry is its super-chic sister. It's all hitting Barneys and Bloomies as..I...type. What I love most about L & P (the nickname I've dubbed it for now!) is the eco-element. Many of the items are made from organic cotton, including the knit hoodie atop the pretty little dress below. And obvi bright colors are so hot for spring. I'm going completely gaga over the neon top above, and all of the (bright!) blue and brown.

These three looks from M. Patmos sent tingles down my spine - all the way to my peep-toes, hello! I loooove how a simple pop of color can transform these separates into something so completely amazing and pretty (pretty amazing, no?). The lines are classic, clean and femme. Like a higher-end J. Crew line, perhaps. Everything is completely wearable (I'd wear every bit of it!) and well put-together. The M. Patmos girl is fun, laid-back and smartly chic.

P.S. You can find M. Patmos at Barneys, and Leroy & Perry at Intermix, Bloomingdale's and Barneys Co-Op. Pick me up something neon, ok?

[Photos Courtesy Siren PR]


  1. :O I am in love with that neon top and the romper!

  2. ah I love that first top! Soo cute!! So happy winter is over!!


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