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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sponsored Post - Luxury Clothing Needs Attitude and Class

Get excited!! New spring trends are starting to appear in luxury clothing shops. Of course, wearing these popular styles takes confidence and panache. So, approach the bright colors and looks from the 1960s and 70s with a little attitude, and remember to keep all outfits both classy and stylish (yes, it's possible!).

70s Boho
The 70s Bohemian look takes a bit of attitude to pull off, no? Approach it with caution and an open mind, and be careful not to replicate exact outfits from the 70s, but instead combine Bohemian-inspired garments with classic items. Stick to accessorizing if you're unsure! Choose items like wide-leg trousers, reminiscent of the bell bottom, to wear with favorite tops. Add a pair of military boots or boxy designer sandals for a modern twist on the style. Try long Bohemian dresses and silky, chiffon blouses to channel your inner 70s boho goddess. Also, look for garments with crocheted details. Above all else? Keep the desired look in mind, and wear it with confidence.

60s Ladylike Glamour
Another favorite look this spring is the classic look made famous by the ladylike icons of the 60s. The clean, feminine lines of the dresses are both flattering and chic, but take a graceful demeanor to be worn well. Cinched waist lines, A-line skirts and large, demure sunglasses are some of the chicest looks. The season's bold colors are especially complimentary to the polished dresses. To recreate the graceful, classic look of the 60s, search for items that focus on the silhouette and overall look of the era.

Bright Hues
Cheerful citrus colors are in and should be worn with a smile and a good sense of fun. The top colors are bright yellows, reddish oranges and fuchsia. These cheeky colors could be balanced with dark, solid tones, like navy, black and white. If the brightness of the colors are a little too bold, consider adding the colors in small details like nail polish, or better yet, heels! Whether the looks of the 60s or the 70s are more appealing, approach this spring's styles with an end goal of gracious, polished class. Show a little bit of attitude by donning a large pair of sunglasses or a practical side-slung satchel. Just don't forget the bright pop of citrus color!

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