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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: The Hooray for Cynthia Rowley Collection

Cynthia Rowley is obvi one of my fav designers - she has amazing talent and her designs are always so appealing and eye-catching! I love all of her endeavors (and she has many!), including this one. It's the Hooray for Cynthia Rowley Collection for both girls and boys, available at Babies "R" Us. You can bet the polo and khaki shorts set will be bought for little C. majorly soon. It just screams "all boy" and that's def what little C. is - we can't play outside without picking up leaves and sticks and such. Lovely, right? Haha.

And since I have a new little niece arriving ANY day now, I have my eyes on the little periwinkle romper below - isn't that just the cutest thing ever? I can already see baby M. rocking that thing. (There's a precious cardi sold with it, too!) And the Ikat dotty dress below would be perfect Easter. I'm swooning all over.

P.S. I have to tell you, little C. is growing so much I can hardly keep up with it. He now has all of his teeth, is eating from a fork and practically running in his cute little sandals. He loves shapes, trains and basketballs, and his hair is major curly right now. He had his first boo-boo yesterday when he fell on the sidewalk and my heart collapsed - ugh. His head is much better today, and he's going to be fine. ;) Can't help but love that little cutie more than words!

[Photos Courtesy Cynthia Rowley]

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