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Friday, April 8, 2011

Carrie Underwood is My Style Crush

I know, I know another Carrie Underwood post in the same week. Sheesh. Major style crush, ok? Carrie must have the best stylist ever because she always looks so good, and this black dress with beautiful green stones by Mandalay is no exception. I heart everything about it. 

I had never heard of this designer, but now it's on my radar. Hello. This is the "40's Film Noir" dress, and the green stones are actually green cabachon stones (in case you care). The cap sleeves are flattering (to Carrie, anyway!), and the green against black completely pops, especially on TV. I've yet to see a photo that shows the heels, but I'm sure they are very understated with this eye-catching dress. So incredibly chic and so classy. Ok, I've had my style crush moment...we can move on now. 

Happy weekend, chicettes! xoxo
 Ok, I soooo just lied. As I was finishing this post, yet another photo of Carrie popped up in my inbox. Of course, I could not neglect yet another pretty frock. And for the love of heels - OMG! The dress is by NIKOLAKI, a label known for its Grecian-inspired gowns. This particular silk dress actually has an open back (gasp!). My fav parts, however, are the high neckline and waistband. Well, and the gorgeous turquoise hue. Can I say I love every bit of it?

P.S. Other celeb fans of the line are: Katy Perry, Heidi Klum and Eva Longoria.

[Photos Courtesy bluPRint; Film Fashion]

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