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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Celebs Heart Their J Brand Brights

Everyone's doing it. Wearing bright-hued jeans, that is. The best color selection I've seen so far? J Brand. They've got everything from bright red and purple to blue, fuchsia and (gasp!) chartreuse. (I personally love the mint, shown here.) The more and more I see these bright jeans, the more I want a pair. I'm not quite certain of my fav color of choice, but wow, model Alessandra Ambrosio makes the bright red ones very, very appealing. Yeah, prob won't look like that in them. But, I do appreciate very much that they are mid-rise. Sometimes I get so tired of everything being low-rise, don't you? Let's have some comfort in our lives, pleeeease. And these are so skinny (which is actually flattering contrary to belief!) they'll fit perfectly with boots or to show off those heels.

Surprising to me, I'm also really loving the purple pair (they're the 811 mid-rise skinny jeans) Hayden Panettiere owns. Obvi, I haven't tried anything on ever besides my handy, dandy blue denim and white jeans, so I can't tell you what colors are beautiful on a real person per se (versus a celeb...), but I can say that you should only (and I repeat only!!) wear these brights with a solid, toned-down color. Hence, the black, white and denim tops on these lovely ladies. Do not attempt to throw in other colors, it just wouldn't be right. You've heard it here. I've warned you. Now, go out and choose your favorite bright hue! Seems like an instant mood lifter, no?

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