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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How I Wore My Heels...on Easter

What a long few days it's been! You would never know by this photo I took on Easter Sunday it has been nice weather at all. We've been absolutely nailed with tornado after tornado warning, not to mention flooding. Luckily, Sunday was a beautiful day to celebrate - in a maxi dress and wedges, no less! I picked up this dress on a beach getaway, and just love it. A lot of maxi dresses can make me feel awkward, or are way too long in length. Not this one - it's perfect! And many days, I pair it with my white denim jacket. Obvi, wedges are a must.

Here's how I wore my heels:
Maxi dress by Deja Vu (This came from a little dress shop I heart in Florida...check out Deja Vu here!)
Wedges by Fornarina (I found these on sale at a local boutique and love the cork wedge...so chic! 

P.S. We've got some amazing projects coming up! While it's a little early to spill everything, keep reading here for an exciting three-year anniversary for I Heart Heels next week. Hint: it involves some of our fav style bloggers!!


  1. Love this maxi dress and the color combination is gorgeous. I too feel akward and short in a lot of maxi dresses but when you find one that works you have to hold on to it forever! Hope you and your family had a great Easter weekend. Thoughts are with you and hoping that the tornadoes stop soon.

  2. Thanks, Tiffany! We had a great weekend and are weathering the storms as best as we can. UGH.



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