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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How I Wore My Heels...To Meet My Niece

If you read last week, you know baby M. my super-cute lil' niece arrived (fashionably late, natch). She's a little bundle of joy - swoon. Of course, I brought her a new pair of shoes the first time I met her. She's going to loooove her Aunt Julie. Haha. And for the occasion, I thought I would slip on fav pair of serious wedges, since it practically feels like summer already down here. Cropped pants aren't something I wear often, but I wanted to show off my shoes, obvi, and I just wasn't feeling jeans for the day. Lightweight pants feel so much cooler in warmer weather, and so do bright colors! An instant mood lifter...well, and a new baby will do that, too!

Here's how I wore my heels:
* Sleeveless blouse by Banana Republic (I fell in love with the dainty, ruffly collar on this one - and the material feels like paper mache!)
* Cropped pants by J. Crew (These were originally a purchase for my 9-5, but since then, I drag them out in the spring. A nice alternative to heavier denim fabrics.)
* Wedges gifted by Chinese Laundry (The tallest wedges I own, I love the ring detail in front and how confident they make me feel. I will wear these until I can't wear them any longer!)
* Earrings gifted by Lia Sophia (A real score at NY Fashion Week, these drops look great with most any (brown-toned) outfit.)


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  1. always my fave posts! looking GREAT lady :)xo




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