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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Green Toys

Enough girl posts...let's focus on the boys! little C. LOVES his new fire truck, and I (ok, my mom) discovered the coolest toy company around - Green Toys. The company makes classic children's toys - we're talking good ol' fire trucks and dump trucks - from recycled plastic like milk containers. I am always so amazed when I check my fav Web site (healthystuff.org) there are so many toxic toys on the shelves. My mom found these toys at Barnes & Noble, a frequent haunt of ours, so we'll def be back for more! The fire truck ($24.99) is for one year and up, and that age group has always been hard to find for me. The toys are always too young or too old for little C. 

He loves the rotating ladder on this one, and it's pretty amazing how he can entertain himself by just pushing it all around the house. Sigh...what a boy. Before I know it, we'll have a dump truck and race car following the fire truck 'round and 'round. Gotta love a house full of boys!

P.S. This company's toys are also made in the USA, right in California, so they claim the toys won't get "seasick." Too cute.

[Photo Courtesy Green Toys]

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