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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Enter the Vince Camuto Shoe Design Contest, Plus SHOE GIVEAWAY!

Hey, chicettes! Have you always wanted to be a shoe designer? Now's your chance - seriously. One of our fav designers, Vince Camuto, is giving you a shot at shoe stardom. (How cool would it be to wear a pair of shoes designed by yourself? The closest I've come are the flip-flops I bought at the grocery store and bedazzled with rhinestones, haha. ) It's so easy to enter this year because there is an app for it! Or if you prefer the good old-fashioned way, you can submit a sketch. To get started, just "like" the Vince Camuto Facebook page.

Those with the most votes will be named finalists and Mr. Camuto himself will choose the final winner (no pressure). What you'll win? Your shoe will become a part of the Vince Camuto collection, and you'll also win a trip to NY to meet the designer! The contest ends May 25 (that's Wednesday), so hurry with your creative shoe-designing juices...I recommend the peep-toe...

Click here to enter the Vince Camuto Shoe Design Contest!

Visit the Vince Camuto Web site and comment below with your fav pair of heels. Extra points for tweeting it, but you must follow and copy @iheartheels in your tweet. (Don't forget to include your contact info, in case you're the lucky winner, chosen at random!)

Contest ends Tues., May 24 at 5:00 p.m. CST. U.S. only. Winner will be contacted by email/DM and has three days to respond until another winner is chosen. 

[Photo Courtesy Vince Camuto]


  1. I'm loving the EDITA KHAKI!

  2. http://www.vincecamuto.com/Shoes/High-Heels/MISSIE-NUDE.html

    These are my favorite! He had so many wonderful ones to pick from. But nude is so in right now! And the studs going down the heel is just sexy! These heels have attitude all over them <3
    I would love to own these heels .. :)
    mandyjeanbeard @ yahoo.com (no spaces between)
    Have a great day, and thanks for the opportunity.
    Following you on twitter - @ahhhmander

  3. I also tweeted (sszumski)

  4. I like the Rexa Black.

  5. VICKIY BLACK CALF is definitely my favorite! Simple classic and sexy!

    email is ramone91(at)hotmail(dot)com

  6. I love the simple elegance of the Kimmi Blush sligbacks, which can be found at the following link:
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  7. 5/19: I tweeted about the giveaway:


    Twitter follower: @CKhalaj

  8. This was a very difficult decision as Vince Camuto designs stunning shoes! I have to say though, when I first went on the site your Nema Whiskey heel really stood out to me! The weaving and delicate detail provide a earthy, sexy, sophisticated feel. Definitely my favorite!

    Link: http://www.vincecamuto.com/Shoes/High-Heels/NEMA-WHISKEY.html

    Email: sara1989@email.phoenix.edu

    Have a wonderful day everyone and goodluck!

  9. My favorite pair of heels is BY FAR the MISSIE in NUDE! First they are so sexy and on trend just like all of Vince Camuto's heels. I love the gold studs on the back of the heel. Plus, my nickname is Missie! (My real name is Melissa). These heels you could wear with absolutely any color and any outfit, be it casual or be it a formal dress. LOVE these HEELS!

    My contact info: marcml49@mail.buffalostate.edu

    xo MISSIE

  10. I love ALL the Vince Camuto Collection, my favorite pair I currently own are the MISTY in Black, they make me feel beautiful and I always get compliments! And my new fave/must have is DOMINIC BLACK!


  11. I love Vince Camuto shoes, they are the best combining comfort with style and beauty. My favorite is the "CARMEL BLONDE" I would Love to buy every pair! twitter (@IslaCorno) Thank you so much!

  12. Woohoo!!! this is AWESOME! I would pick ABEY BUTTERMILK/GOLD (size: 6.5) for a glamorous summer! twitter (@5amjetaime)

    btw, i've also entered a design entry for this contest!!! please click the fbook like button for my carved bootie wedge design if you like it!!! thank you^__^ xoxo, gabrielle


  13. I love the SUM WINTER WHITE :)

  14. I absolutely adore the Cateys in Beach!

  15. I would die and go to heaven if I won this giveaway!! LOL! I am such a huge Vince Camuto fan, his shoes are amazing!!! I love the EDDA ASH <3

    @SS_Dal on twitter

  16. Tweeted it as well =)


  17. LoviNg the green heels featured in Marie Claire, but can't find them on the site.


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