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Friday, May 20, 2011

Rachel Roy + Katrina Petroni = New Shoe Collection

I'm not much for water sports (in fact, I think I was the last to learn how to swim as a kid!), so I find those who can play well in the water absolutely fascinating! (Funny I now own a pool, but I don't think swimming counts, haha.) Pro surfer Karina Petroni has teamed up with designer Rachel Roy for something I'm pretty good at sporting - shoes! The limited-edition collection for the RACHEL Rachel Roy line includes three designs for every occasion: a wedge ($139), espadrille ($59) and high top ($99). 

"Karina just felt right for me. I have a fear of open water and she has mastered her art in open water," -- Rachel Roy, designer

I'm pretttttty sure you know which shoe we're going bananas over. My oh my, I could see myself wearing these on vacay in a few weeks. Totally beach-worthy and swoon-worthy, indeed. (For more on the collaboration, watch the video below!)

[Photos/Video Courtesy Rachel Roy]

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  1. Ooh! Those wedges are funky! I like them a lot!


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