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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Yummie Tummie Shapewear

Ok, mamas! Time to get a little personal here. Do you wear shapewear under your clothing? Oh yeah, right, like anyone's going to fess up to that! Well, did you know it's actually chic now to wear shapewear? It is! One of my fav shapewear lines out there now is Yummie Tummie, and their stuff is not only practical, but you can feel pretty cute wearing it, too. 

I've raved on an on in the past about the YT tanks (I wore one for nursing and then a regular tank after that) because they are yummy! Couldn't resist...but today I'm here to rave on and on about the bottoms. I've always wondered how they would fit, but had never taken the time to try one. I was too busy worrying about my upper body or my legs! But, recently, I was provided the Lillie Bottom shown here ($36), and I'm loving it. It provides the best support for the stomach (err, tummie?) as well as - you guessed it - the derriere. It not only shapes, but (very important here!) smooths. It reaches up high enough on the stomach as not to provide any of those "muffin tops" you can get with too-tight jeans, so everything looks nice and smooth. You want your garments to fit well, and shapewear like this is a godsend. The Lillie is actually one of founder Heather Thomson's favs, too!

These briefs are much more comfy than wearing an all-over bodysuit, yet still provide great full coverage of the middle section (which we all need right?). Bonus? You can actually breathe in them, too! On special occasions, I wear mine with my tank for extra-extra coverage.

Psst...you can still tell your friends it's all those frequent trips to the gym - we won't tell! ;)

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  1. LOVE Yummie Tummie!! Best product ever!

    Wearing one right now actually ;)



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